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At Creative Kids Pediatric Dentistry, every child can enjoy an exciting dental experience that’s just as unique as their smile. We provide compassionate, whole-hearted dentistry by treating children with respect, earning their trust, and making them feel safe in our space. Our Winston-Salem team incorporates music, singing, story-telling, and make-believe to guarantee your child has a positive visit from start to finish! Get ready to smile out loud and schedule an appointment with us!

Preventive Care

A magical smile starts with strong oral health habits! Our team will equip your little one with all the tips and tricks they need for a lifetime of bright, thriving smiles.

Restorative Care

If your kiddo is struggling with dental issues, our team is here to help! From fillings and space maintainers to pulpotomies and extractions, we provide a variety of treatments to bring back that little smile you love.

Sedation Options

We understand that going to the dentist can be scary for little ones. To ensure a soothing treatment experience for your child, we offer nitrous oxide, oral conscious sedation, and general anesthesia.

Meet Dr. Annie Floor

As a strong-willed and confident child who loved the arts, becoming a pediatric dentist wasn’t initially the plan for Dr. Annie Floor. After graduating from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with a vocal performance and acting degree, Dr. Annie starred in numerous professional productions around the country, including a troupe that sang for the U.S. military both in the states and overseas. It was during her first visit to Walter Reed Hospital that Dr. Annie felt a strong calling to medicine as she sang bedside to a 22 year old father who suffered injuries during his time in action. Inspired by this young man’s courage and purpose, Dr. Annie returned to school and began studying a pre-med curriculum that would one day grant her admission to dental school.

Dr. Annie went on to attend dental school at the University of North Carolina School of Dentistry and completed a 2 year residency in Pediatric Dentistry at NYU Langone Hospital in Nashville, TN. With her rich background in performance, service, and dental expertise, Dr. Annie Floor is uniquely skilled at making dentistry fun and fulfilling for both kids and parents alike. She is thrilled to invite kiddos of all ages to truly be themselves and engage in thriving oral health at Creative Kids Pediatric Dentistry!

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Comprehensive Exam & Cleaning

To keep those little pearly whites prepped and polished, our team will give your child a gentle yet thorough exam and prophy paste cleaning.

Fluoride Treatment

One of our awesome team members will then apply fluoride treatment, prevent decay, and keep your child’s smile healthy and strong.

Digital X-Rays

Our comfortable digital x-rays give us an in-depth look at your child’s teeth, gums, and oral health development to ensure a smile that simply sings!

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Space to Play, Grow, and Smile

What To Expect At Your Child’s First Visit

From the moment you step through our doors, our team of upbeat dental specialists will greet your child and get to know what makes them light up and smile. We’ll then invite you to enjoy our indoor play area or explore our engaging outdoor sensory garden. No matter your child’s age, abilities, or interests, Creative Kids Pediatric Dentistry is playfully designed to meet every child's needs. 

You’ll soon find out that it’s not uncommon to hear Dr. Annie singing throughout the halls! With her whimsical approach and dedication to personalized care, Dr. Annie aims to make dentistry fun, exciting, and understandable for every kiddo and parent at Creative Kids. Ready to smile out loud with us? Schedule your first appointment today!

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