Sleep-Disordered Breathing Treatment in Winston Salem, NC

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What Is Sleep-Disordered Breathing?

Have you noticed that your child's breathing is disrupted during sleep? Are they snoring, open-mouth breathing, exhibiting restless sleep by tossing and turning, or perhaps have prolonged bed-wetting issues for older children? If so, they might have sleep-disordered breathing issues. Dr. Annie and the Creative Kids team in Winston-Salem are experts at treating sleep-disordered breathing problems and providing solutions that grant your child peaceful, restorative sleep.

What To Expect At Your Child’s Sleep-Disordered Breathing Appointment

Once we know your child has a breathing-related sleep disorder, we can discuss lifestyle changes, such as sleep hygiene and techniques and therapies for better nighttime breathing, which can reduce snoring. Our office also offers devices in-office so little patients can get the treatment they need under one roof. These devices are called myofunctional appliances. They look similar to a soft mouthguard and train your child's tongue to be in the proper position at rest and when swallowing to encourage nasal breathing while sleeping. Creative Kids uses the Healthy Start habit corrector to train young troubled sleepers how to have a peaceful slumber. If the child has a tongue tie that is contributing to your child's sleep disordered breathing, a frenectomy will be performed in conjunction with myofunctional appliance therapy.

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Sleep Disordered Breathing Treatment Options

Referral to ENT

Dr. Annie may refer your child to an ENT specialist, where they can receive an evaluation and treatment of large tonsils & adenoids.

Referral to pediatrician

If your child has specific sleep disordered breathing issues that Dr. cannot treat, she will refer your child to a pediatrician or pediatric allergist. They will perform an evaluation and treatment of chronic nasal congestion contributing to open mouth breathing.

Healthy Start Habit Corrector

We use Healthy Start's habit corrector to train a child's tongue and surrounding oral muscles to function properly while at rest and when swallowing to encourage nasal breathing while your child is sleeping.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What Are The Symptoms For Sleep Disordered Breathing?

The most common symptoms are open mouth breathing, snoring, restless sleep, tiredness during the day or ADHD symptoms, and prolonged bed-wetting in older children. If you notice some of these signs in your child, don't hesitate to call Dr. Annie in Winston-Salem at (336) 815-2573.